Quality, precision, integrity from raw material to finished product


Material Expertise & Analytics

Our engineering team has a thorough understanding of most demanding refractory metals and super alloys tailored to specific industries.

Tight Tolerances

Our expertise allows us to machine tolerances to 0.0001”.

Long-term Strategic Partnerships

We serve as a collaborative extension of your team, providing direct access to our engineering and operations teams for design and schedule adjustments as well as for assistance in resolving manufacturing challenges related to project parts.

Machining & Assembly Capabilities

We utilize CNC machining for rapid prototyping and efficient production of CNC machined parts, maintaining high quality and quick turnaround.

Our team operates over 36 CNC machining centers equipped with 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machines, incorporating live tooling for both low and high-volume production, meeting specified requirements.  

Advanced Automated Manufacturing

We employ flexible manufacturing systems that integrate business intelligence, lights out machining, lean process and automation to optimize and scale production, reduce waste and overall production costs.


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